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Free Anne Frank papers, essays, and research papers. ... People's life had been changed a lot during World War II, and that provided a lot good topic for literary works. There were lots ..... She also starts a book that she calls “book of beautiful sentences”, a book with some of her favorite sentences from other peoples works.
I. Thesis – this is what your paper is about (it should be the last sentence in the first paragraph). Example – In Anne Frank, the Diary of a Young Girl, Anne demonstrates. “the art of living” through her words, actions, and goals. II. Topic Sentence for Body Paragraph #1. Example – Despite the hardships Anne endures, she
The Diary of Anne Frank is a journal of a young girl who was a victim of the Holocaust. Below are some key topics to choose from for your Anne Frank essay.
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The following outline will ensure that your essay is organized properly: Introduction: Sentence #1. Attention-grabbing HOOK-avoid questions. Sentence #2. A sentence that BRIDGES the hook to the background. Sentence #3, 4 & 5. BACKGROUND sentences (3) about the Holocaust/WWII and Anne Frank. Be sure to
A grabber statement; An interesting comment about the topic; A three-pronged thesis statement. 2nd paragraph: This paragraph should contain background information about Anne Frank's family. It should follow ... Topic sentence; Supporting detail; Supporting detail; Supporting detail; Restate topic sentence. 3rd paragraph
INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH. Hook (an interesting opening statement(s), question, or definition, to catch the reader's attention AND hints at overall topic of the essay – aim for 3 sentences here). Transition (explain that the main idea presented in your hook is also present in the literature you have read; state the titles, the
Essay Topic. Write an essay using textual evidence, answering the question, would you rather live in an annex with your family as Anne Frank did, or the open outdoors alone, as Brian ... Topic sentence (what the paragraph is about, one) of your three main points) (Look back to your chart where you pointed out the 3 pros. 2.
Your assignment for this week is to write a five-paragraph essay tracking the development of the theme that "people are essentially good" in the play "The Diary of Anne Frank." Write a topic sentence, at least one evidence sentence, a quote, and a conclusion sentence in each body paragraph to receive full credit. This essay

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